Die PIM Software zur zentralen Pflege

PIM system

All product information in one central platform

Merge distributed product information.
Complete texts, poduct attributes, pictures and assignments centrally and comfortably.
Use your data across media and without an IT project.

FREE stays permanently free!

Skip unnecessary tasks

Ihre Zeit ist eine wertvolle Ressource. Sparen Sie Zeit bei der Datenpflege, Übersetzung, Koordination und Verteilung Ihrer Produktinformationen.

Faster market launches

Kundenerwartungen ändern sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit. Bringen Sie Ihre Produkte in allen Ländern und E-Commerce-Kanälen schneller auf den Markt.

Higher data quality

Stellen Sie eine professionellen und einheitlichen Produktpräsentation über alle Kanäle hinweg sicher. Und steigern Sie die Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Produkte.

Product data maintenance does not have to be expensive. Increase efficiency and data quality.

Central, optimised product data is the key to success in multichannel e-commerce. Manage all product information efficiently and cost-effectively in one central platform. Provide the right content for your customers and ensure maximum visibility of your products across all channels. Let us prove that enterprise solutions for product catalog management don’t have to be complicated.

Central product data with 40THREE is worthwhile.

Marketing data

Product Descriptions, Stories, Labels


Media files

Pictures, PFDs, Videos,

Technical specifications

Sizes, specifications,

Design information

Colour, Material, Structure,…


A marketing automation tool with integrated digital asset management system (DAM) and feed engine

Stay flexible with the PIM system 40THREE Commerce Cloud.
40THREE is a data source for all purposes.
Share product catalogs, open up e-commerce platforms, mobile applications or any other channel worldwide. For example:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • idealo
  • Intranet
  • Affiliate platforms
  • ERP
  • Your Online Shop
  • Your Platform
  • Regional Shops
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Apps
  • and many more.


No more data chaos ever again

No more complicated tables with countless columns ever again! Read, edit and translate your product information centrally, automatically check for completeness and manage sales channels in one pim solution. Insert all your media files directly into the 40THREE Commerce Cloud. Everyone involved can read and edit your information anytime, anywhere with customisable rights.

Collaboration mit einem PIM System
Zentrale Produktdaten mit einem PIM
Zentrale Produktdaten in einem PIM System

marketing automation tool

Collect all data centrally - present products everywhere


Use the same source data everywhere.
You can use powerful automatic and manual import and export options.
Centralise your product information in our PIM system from sources such as:

  • Data from ERP databases
  • Data from supplier databases
  • Excel files


Export perfect product data wherever you go.
Automated export workflows support you for minimal time-to-market.

  • Shop & Countries Shops
  • Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay,...)
  • Social Media (Facebook, YouTube,...)
  • Intranet
  • Mobile (Apps, iOS, Android,...)

Only 3 steps!

to your own PIM (Product Information Management System).

Create a free account.
Activate the regular import of your product data from your merchandise management or online shop.
Choose which provider you want to serve the feeds to.

Optionally, you can add advanced features such as performance measurement and analysis. For the “PIM” setup you only need some of the features of the 40three Commerce Cloud. Of course, you only pay for what you actually use.
Often our free version is enough.

The 40THREE Commerce Cloud FREE will be permanently available as a free version!