40three Feed Engine für Produkt Feed Automatisierung

What is a Feed Engine?

In order for your products to be visible on other portals, these other portals need to know which products you offer.
A frequently used way is that you make your products available as a so-called “Product Feed”. With a feed engine, you can easily place your all product attributes and media on all relevant channels, such as product search engines, marketplaces, affiliate services, Google Shopping, Amazon, retargeting providers or social media in Germany and worldwide.

What are the advantages of a Feed Engine?

  • Information optimally tailored to the channel
    for example: product export and product import for magento, woocommerce and any other system
  • Considerable time savings through automation
  • Cost reduction with automation
  • Increased customer generation through optimised listing and visibility of your products
  • More sales through the connection of marketing channels
  • Reduction of returns due to current data feeds
Vorteile von automatisierten Produkt Feeds

Which feed engine types are there?

Integrated in the shop system

Many shop systems already provide a way to create simple product data feeds.
Mostly, however, only basic functions are available, so that they can only be used to a limited extent for professional multi-channel marketing.
However, these feeds are often very good at providing the product data for a specialised feed engine.

Shop system Plug-Ins

Additional plugins for product export and import exist for many systems like magento or woocommerce. They offer an extended range of functions and are easy to install.
However, we think that a shop system should focus on presenting the products to visitors.
All “foreign” tasks make the shop more complex, complicate updates and are usually poorly scalable.

Standalone programs

Of course, there are also specialised programs for the import and export of your product data. You can install these feed engines by yourself on your own server.
The scope of features can be good, but you need to purchase additional hardware resources and take care of installation and regular updates yourself.


These are specialised solutions, but the vendor also provides the hardware and takes care of installation and updates.
Most customers share the hardware, which results in significant cost savings.
This is due to the fact that only a short amount of power is required per customer, for example for analytical evaluations or when a feed is being compiled.

Only 3 steps!

to your own feed engine.

Create a free account.
Activate the regular import of your product data from your merchandise management or online shop.
Use Feed Engine
Choose which provider you want to serve the feeds to.

Optionally, you can add advanced features such as performance measurement and analysis. For the “Feed Engine” setup you only need some of the features of the 40three Commerce Cloud.
Of course, you only pay for what you actually use.
Often our free version is enough.

The 40THREE Commerce Cloud FREE will be permanently available as a free version!