Feed Engine

Your products. Better found. Everywhere.

Deliver high quality custom feeds. And increase the visibility of your products on each channel. Import data from any system, such as ERP or your online shop, and bundle it into the perfect product feed for your target channels.

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such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy uvm.

Affiliate platforms

such as Affilinet, Zanox, Belboon uvm.

Price comparison

such as idealo.de, Check24, Verivox uvm.

Social media

such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube uvm.

Google shopping

No matter where your product data comes from, use the powerful feed features of the 40THREE Commerce Cloud.

Central, optimised product data is the key to success in multichannel e-commerce. Manage all information about your products efficiently and cost-effectively in one central platform. Provide the right content for your customers and ensure maximum visibility of your products across all channels. Let us prove that enterprise solutions don’t have to be complicated.

Central product data with 40THREE is worthwhile.


Apply feed templates per click

Of course, you can also create custom feeds for your output channels. This means, however, that you have to strictly follow the technical format for each single channel and deal regularly with new requirements. This is exactly what templates help you avoid. With these you can create the right feed with one click.

Available soon
Available soon


Customised individual feeds

Whether it’s a product search, email marketing or referral solution, our feeds deliver the data and are easily customisable. Even large conversion pipelines can be visually created without IT support.


Determine how, when and where your products are listed

With our effective rules, you define the data feed for each platform within minutes. This automates the product data stream for each channel individually according to your requirements. For example, according to the current stock of your products.

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Fast automatic updates of your data

We update your data daily to keep your products up-to-date across all channels. Determine when – the 40three Commerce Cloud takes care of the rest.

The benefit of faster, automated updates is best explained by examples.
We know that many customers will ultimately not buy a product if it is not in stock and available on short notice.
As an example:
You sell the last product and the price comparison portal does not get informed about it.
Now you will still receive visitors and pay for them – but unfortunately you have nothing to sell anymore.
The same is true of new items that arrive in your warehouse during the day.
Ideally, these should be listed immediately everywhere and not only if at some point the daily update job is carried out.

Only 3 steps!

and you have your own feed engine

Create a free account.
Activate the regular import of your product data from your merchandise management or online shop.
Use Feed Engine
Choose which provider you want to serve the feeds to.

Optionally, you can add advanced features such as performance measurement and analysis. For the “Feed Engine” setup you only need some of the features of the 40three Commerce Cloud. Of course, you only pay for what you actually use. Often our free version is enough.

The 40THREE Commerce Cloud FREE will be permanently available as a free version!