Your entire product data workflow - networked.

The 40THREE Commerce Cloud is the tool for all companies that work with e-commerce data. Gain time by efficiently processing product information and automatically play out product feeds.

FREE stays permanently free!

The sales team always has the latest product information at its disposal.
Marketers can concentrate on their communication goals.
Less data chaos gives Creatives more time to design and create new content.
Management keeps an eye on all product information and KPIs.
E-Commerce Team
The e-commerce team can achieve more goals like internationalization and new channels faster.
Suppliers can make data available without detours according to their rights assignment.
Developers can focus on feature development.

The days when you searched for files and chased product information belong to the past. Bundle all relevant information and data in one central location.

Managing a company’s rich product portfolio is not easy; It takes a lot of time that you usually do not have in abundance. With endless lists and countless files from a variety of sources, it can be a real challenge to keep an eye on everything and deliver it in a targeted manner. The 40three Commerce Cloud helps your departments, employees, and partners to work together on the same product data and tailor it to the customer’s needs.

Make your team fit for all e-commerce challenges

All data in one place

Simplified central handling and maintenance of product data ensure faster processing and higher quality of your product information.

For all involved

Product information can be viewed, refined and maintained by various business units and partners.

Roles & rights assignment

The authorisation for viewing and maintaining the product data can be controlled with fine granularity via our rights management.


Increase productivity, not your effort

Speed up your product information by keeping an eye on what your colleagues are entering and adjusting. And say goodbye to tons of emails, photos, texts,… From now on, all your content is always up to date and fully available at all times.


Innovative software supports your employees with intuitive operation

No complicated software and confusing tables anymore! With 40three, you get all the necessary PIM knowledge for your multichannel projects within a very short time. We know that usability is the key to successful software work. Allow yourself to become a PIM master without special knowledge.

Only 3 steps!

to your own PIM (Product Information Management System) and Feed Engine.

Create a free account.
Activate the regular import of your product data from your merchandise management or online shop.
Choose which provider you want to serve the feeds to.

Optionally, you can add advanced features such as performance measurement and analysis. For the “PIM” setup you only need some of the features of the 40three Commerce Cloud. Of course, you only pay for what you actually use. Often our free version is enough.​

The 40THREE Commerce Cloud FREE will be permanently available as a free version!