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Current version of 40three product information management solution is an “early access version”. While it’s a stable version used in production for many months, we know there are some important features missing and until it’s feature complete, we’ll call it EAP.

Can I use it in production?
Yes. If current feature set matches your requirements, it’s ready for production. See our service level agreement for details.

Which features are missing?
That’s difficult to answer because required features depend on your requirements. If you’re missing features, please contact us and we’ll put them on our roadmap.

What’s the roadmap?
Our next milestone focuses on manual ad-hoc imports and exports and is planned for January 2020.

Do you offer custom build extensions?
Yes and no. In general, all features we develop will be available to all our customers.

Is there a release date for a final version?
We plan to remove the EAP label in Q1/2020. We think we’ll cover enough scenarios until then.

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